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Parabolic grid & dish antenna

Parabolic and dish antenna Difference between this two antenna types is that parabolic antenna has metallic grid for reflector and dish has a solid reflector.

This highly directional antenna type transmit/receives signals in a very narrow angle, so they are ideal for long distance and point to point network connections.

It has a main reflector surface that is shaped like a paraboloid or sphere with an active element at its focus. That way reflector surface can reflect parallel signals to a single focal point.

Parabolic & dish antennas are the best choice because very narrow beamwidth will provide you:
  • minimum interference with another wireless networks
  • longest signal distance & faster link
  • improved security (especially if they are mounted high)
Typical Gain: Usage: Average price:
15 - 24 dBi outdoor low to moderate

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