Parabolic and dish type antenna Parabolic & dish
Yagi type antenna Yagi
Panel type antenna Panel
Omnidirectional type antenna Omnidirectional
Please prefer to use antenna that propagates signal only in direction you need (usually more directed antennas) to avoid interference with another WiFi networks.
By choosing that kind of antenna you will also benefit on performance and maybe even network security.
Antenna properties

Understanding few fundamental properties is key factor for selecting appropriate antenna.
Fresnel zone

Visual line of sight between two points is not the only requirement for proper WiFi network functioning.
Building an antenna

Building handmade WiFi antenna can dramatically lower your expenses, but unfortunately there is another side of the story.

2,4 GHz frequency spectar is allowed to use without license, but some rules exist.
Network connections

Definitions of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network topology.


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